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  • Paisleys Pitching Mats...

    by Portolite. The only Non Slip Pitching Mat that includes a 3 year warranty on turf! Spiked and Non Spiked variations with different colors and sizes to fit your needs.

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  • Bio Bands

    A Unique and Customized Band to work on decompressing, arm care and strength. This band can be used for many different workouts - get as creative as you can! Paisleys Pitching and MyBiomechanics have collaborated to bring you your very own BIO BAND!

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  • Arm Care Device

    Get Customized Arm Care Data and Training. We are seeing amazing results as pitchers, cathers and anyone throwing the softball on the field. Use the Arm Care device to monitor your Range of Motion and Strength; following each exam you will get customized training workouts based on your results.

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  • ArmProBands with Paisleys Pitching

    One of my favorite collaborations with ArmProBands! We created a custom package for Pitchers with our favorite resistance bands.

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  • Mindful Pitching Book

    Mindful Pitching is a program designed to take your Mentality on the Mound to the next level! Become your best version of you mentally to be a leader for your team and a force to be reckoned with. Grow your self confidence, learn to talk to your defense and accomplish more than the physical aspect of the game.

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  • My Superpower is ME Children's Book

    Growing confidence on the field to empower young girls off the field. The story of so many who find their true Superpowers through Sports. Join Toni on her adventures & struggles in Softball that helped to reveal her Superpowers of being Mighty, Brave and Confident in life!

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